Peace at Last

For Arthur’s second birthday my brother sent a selection of books that were our favourites when we were children. Peace at Last, by Jill Murphy, was one of them. It’s about the Bear family and Mr Bear, who can’t sleep one night and ends up traipsing round the house and garden, looking for somewhere peaceful to get his head down. But everywhere he tries to sleep he ends up being disturbed, from his wife snoring in the bedroom to the dripping tap in the kitchen and snuffling hedgehogs in the garden. The noises Mr Bear encounters on his quest for peace, along with his repeated complaint of “Oh NO, I can’t stand THIS’, make it great for reading aloud and Murphy’s illustrations are witty and charming. I read, or had it read to me, countless times as a child and I’m sure will read it many more times to my own children over the coming years. I love it as much now as I did when I was young, but I’m a little less sympathetic towards Mr Bear these days – frankly, if he can’t sleep then it’s probably because he’s not as tired as Mrs Bear. And as he’s so wide awake, maybe he could fix that leaky tap.

Peace at Last

By Alice


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