The i-Problem

The trouble with alphabet books is that there are always going to be some letters which it is difficult to find words for.
The letter I is not usually the culprit but it undoubtedly is in the Farm Alphabet book.
My son loves pretty much everything to do with farms. Tractor was one of his first words – pronounced papter. So this one is brought down from the shelf with depressing regularity.
We cruise along through the book –
Me: A is for?
My son: Apple!
Etcetera – but eventually we get to I for… incubator.
Incubator is on a very different level from pig and cow and is not a word my son knows – however many times we go through the book.
Every time we come to it I’m not sure what to do. Do I skip over it? Do I say I for incubator? Do I say I for…? And just wait in the hope that he will dredge up incubator from the depths of his two-year-old memory?
I need a policy. It’s something I can add to my list of intractable problems.
My other reflection on this book is that even though my son loves it, I think the author has a slightly overblown sense of her own importance when she thanks another woman for coming up with the inspiration for the book. I would have thought that was quite a quick conversation along the lines of: “You could do a farm alphabet book…” But what do I know, they may have sat there long into the night drinking apple brandy and wrestling with the problem of what to do with the letter I.

Farm Alphabet

By Miles


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