Le Bulldozer – a journey into French literature


This blog has been rather neglected of late. Work has been busy, and then we went away to Brittany for a couple of weeks. It was our first holiday abroad as a family of four and it was fabulous, although rather different from pre-children breaks. I used to love long, lazy days reading on the beach or by the pool and would take a stack of new books away with me. I didn’t even make it through one this time (of my own that is, I read The Snail and the Whale and The Tiger Who Came to Tea in their entirety at least once a day).

Instead, days were filled with building sandcastles, exploring rock-pools and eating crepes. The children enjoyed all that, but for them the real highlight was the roadworks outside our holiday home. Pre-children, having construction vehicles revving up at 8:30 every morning would have marred our stay somewhat, but with a digger-mad three and one-year-old the free entertainment was a welcome break after another 6am wake-up.

And like good middle-class parents we turned it into a learning opportunity too, buying them a book in French all about construction works. My A Level French hasn’t stood the test of time as well as I would have hoped, so I’m a little hazy on the details of the story in Le Bulldozer – something about animals digging and tipping. And bulldozing, of course. But hopefully Le Bulldozer will lead on to Le Petit Prince and L’Etranger, starting them on a love of French literature. Failing that, it should at least stand them in good stead for any French roadworks-related situations they find themselves in later in life.


By Alice


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